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perched in a chandelier with my big honkin' gun. i'm huntin for clocks

one of my old co-workers posted a meme about how meeting deadlines feels pointless while the world burns and I'm like... girl you should quit like I did

oh thanks for asking dude, yeah i've been doing alright, just submitted my latest- *four continuous minutes of screaming* -report at work and things've been going pretty good honestly

Hey Seattle friends, anyone want an HP Color LaserJet? It works okay but it's just taking up a lot of space and it's kind of a pain to deal with. I was going to donate it to a thrift shop, but Lifelong doesn't accept printers and Goodwill isn't accepting donations at all right now (at least not in Capitol Hill). It'll also come with some extra toner cartridges.

mh, nothing 

"gifted kid" to gay communist with adhd and depression pipeline

I was playing with kiddos hair and he's an anime character now

I still crave gift economies. I don't understand leftists creating new money systems claiming they will be fix capitalism.

Trade based on social relations, collective desires, solidarity, and love.

realized i never posted these here so here's my weed hoodie!

in june everybody follows the twinks accounts out of charity, in july we unfollow, and in august we block them. the twinks are then unblocked in september, out of duty towards 9/11

good afternoon, someone is impersonating me on steam?? i'm strangely flattered but i also hate it

the only dress i know how to draw is basically just princess peach style

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