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@Aleums from each according to his pliability, to each according to his kneads

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown β€” planning, in other words, for a Wurst-KΓ€se scenario

Saiyans, Scourge of the Universe or Working Class Heroes? a Treatise on Fascism and Revolution in Dragonball Z

drug story 

in my Hell RPG there is a scene where a powdered mystery drug smells like parmesan cheese, and it's a little jab at a pal of mine from high school... She bought what she thought was molly, but it was actually cheese. She snorted it twice before she realized LMAO

gizz posting 

Intrasport is the only track I don't absolutely love. their more digital stuff is fine imo but it's not where they shine. It's the new Cyboogie, i kind of want to skip it. rest of the ablum whips

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Gonna release a new social media app that has 0 features. When you press the app button it just wires me 50 cents and nothing else.

you saw it here first folks. (don’t contradict me on this one). selfie ec

sun haters please unfollow immediately, this account is for warriors of sunlight only :praisethesun:

damn they really made a song from the perspective of phrenology dudes huh

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new King Gizzard album on repeat, just blasted a coffee straight to the dome, it's friday beeyotch

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