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last night i dreamed that i made good posts online

Hello #PortfolioDay!

I'm a digital illustrator looking for work! I play with color and shape, with influence from traditional animation.


r word in music 

i'm not trying to cancel wu tang clan or anything but it's kind of disheartening to me that multiple members say the r slur, on both their collective and solo work. and in the old stuff it's like alright, this was the 90's, the attitude was different, but RZA says it in the Afro Samurai soundtrack from 2009? And Ghostface says it on Sour Soul and that was made in 2015. sure it does rhyme with a lot of words but damn it's just so jarring to me every time i hear it

"ah, so you claim to be a prison abolitionist and justice reformer, and yet you constantly tell me to report to horny jail. seems like a contradiction!" 😏

~ Some Guy, date TBD.

ootd, ec 

ok heres proof that im still hot and stylish ;O

one of my favorite things about Adventure Time is how Jake's powers are technically unstoppable but they nerf him by just making him have ADHD

*rick ross voice*
bitch I'm a sucker, no good monsterfucker,

Palpatine always keeps a bowl of Werther's Originals in his throne room

keybase seems cool but when the only notification I get from it is "1000+ UNREAD MESSAGES" it really makes me want to never ever look at it

kept awake by the demons of my past (can of chili I ate last night)

FAST FACT: In 1923 a fascist mob, incited by Hitler, attempted to overthrow the German republic in what would become known as the Beer Hall Putsch. Approximately 2,000 nazis clashed with police and military leaving 20 dead. Two days later, Hitler was arrested and charges of treason were brought against him. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The Weimar Republic, having dealt with fascism forever, presumably took a biiiiig sip of piping hot coffee,

the new Elder Scrolls game is set in Wisconsin

corollary to my birthday post: I released my ambient album today, so if you want to support me on my birthday buy that or just give me a ko-fi

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