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being a wifed and getting wifed are 2 different things

*playing Hades* β€œWhere’s the button to ask Dionysus about his squat routine?”

Dart the croagunk, with coveralls that can be half removed. She costs $20 if anybody is interested.

we’re going to settle this once and for all. which is more epic

im gonna do something revolutionary here. I'm going to change the game

here i go

leaves dump instead of taking it

i steered that ship into the banks of the Suez Canal, and i'd do it again. laying low for now though

would appreciate it if everyone kept their goddamn mouths shut about this

hello im getting therapy on thursday (less than two days from now) and i gotta put a down payment of Β£180. i currently got Β£30 in my bank. so i am selling paintings!

dimensions+materials will be in the image descriptions. Β£25 a pop, but more if you are comfortable to. delivery to most parts of the world is dead cheap, so don't sweat it. :boost_ok:

Oh I'm a 'midnight toker' alright, around midnight I always 'toke' myself into bed!

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