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this is still one of my favorite posts. a james cheese original

Did you hear about [brand]’s epic clap back? It has me rolling! #ad

its cool when a roommate is physically incapable of shutting a door quietly. front door, bathroom door, bedroom door, all i hear is slamming 24/7

in 2017 during a flight screening, i forgot a coin in my pocket and a TSA agent was very rude to me about it. what i'm saying is it's weird which memories our brains decide to keep around

I think America is ready for an unmarried president. not divorced tho.

@pizza despise it when my enemies, friends et al cause me to become stun locked

hate it when im afflicted with various status effects and debuffs

i've got antidotes for poison, bandages for bleed, and ointment for burn, but i just know im gonna forget something while packing for this vacation

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