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inventing new and unconventional wallowing techniques

*smashing my little fists on the table* I hate branding! I hate brands! Do NOT hire me to make your logo, I will shout and cry!

doing cardinal sins just out of God's conical line of sight. a little exclamation point appears above his head but i've already hidden behind a bush.

[Pics] If You See Faces In These Photos, This Is What It Means

yeah i play ffxiv, my character is a *checks smudged writing on hand* Falafel.

jeff didn't die in space, im choking on my own tears, im at my limit

anyways dasharez0ne has succinctly captured all of our thoughts on the matter

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the human brain is a bit like a treadmill with a guy running on it. except, there is no guy

space today is your chance to kill jeff bezos so please do your thing

(to my upstairs neighbor) wow I'm so impressed by your dogs ability to bark for an hour straight without stopping. you should enter it into the being annoying olympics

when I wander around in the kitchen in my underwear that's between me and God. the fault rests fully on you if you happen to glimpse my luscious ass

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