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me: (deep in thought) ... Chilling 99
my foes: wha- impossible...

aaron just might be the chillest dude on the internet

come to the arcanist guild in the next 5-10 minutes to get your ass kicked by 2 dots

me: (deep in thought) ... Chilling 99
my foes: wha- impossible...

imagining a supervillain giving a big speech about "we're extremely different, you and I. not much in common at all. it's actually quite easy to see who's the hero and who's the villain in this situation"

after the Great Mastodon Fire of 1988, all new instances were built fifteen feet higher than the old ones. the old instances fell into disuse but still exist forming a series of passageways and tunnels beneath Mastodon, the Mastodon Underground as it is known

uk based meds request please 

hi friends i am registered with a new gp since moving who won't prescribe me anything before having an initial in person appt but i have yet to get an appt and i am running out of quetiapine and really don't want to go into withdrawal. if anyone uk based has any 100mg they can please spare a few days of to post me i would be very grateful. pls boost if u can

A @SapphicGiraffic , 6โ€™2โ€, holding our dear friend Pank Ponk for scale.

(mild ec)

i wear a belt like machamp to restrain my power but mine is a diaper

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