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For those curious, the insurrectionist approach to diet Baja Blast is to create a loose network of individual soda creators. Then when cops ask us for a diet Baja Blast we yell "you may not have my potions for they are too powerful for you, adventurer", and then cackle and run into the night.

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fresh to death like he got dressed in a coffin ⚰️

Frodo my lad, any chance of seeing an Elder Scrolls game after Skyrim? I should like to play in that world again.

I'm sorry, uncle. I'm afraid they're still releasing skyrim on new platforms.

Oh... pity..

if you don't make your nonna read Capital Volumes I, II AND III tomorrow you are a shit comrade

gf always gets mad and makes me disassemble the trash nest πŸ˜”

The person in charge of the Nostromo set for Alien (1979) invented this interstellar standard for signs and labels in spaceflight

gender euphoria moment: in the Halo 4 spartan ops missions the commander refers to your character as they/them

me walking out of the bedroom at noon:

🎢everybody huuuurts sometimessss🎢

my wife: you stayed up till 5am didnt you?

*pulls your wisdom tooth out cutely* πŸ¦·β€‹

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