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*genders chase me like a swarm of cartoon hornets*

@pizza damn, do we have any details on how the weed and vibes meter are rebalanced? I'm planning a build for the next season that involves grinding for a rare leather couch drop and using that to accelerate the weed and vibes meter equally, but depending on the rebalance I might need to hunt for other gear or modifiers for my build

Chilling Simulator 1.2.8 patch notes:

- Added the leather recliner to the game
- Fixed a bug where the brown sofa will bounce back at an infinite velocity when sat on
- Rebalanced the weed meter and the vibes meter
- Adjusted hitboxes on the bong to make each hit more dank
- Removed haters from the game

ground shakes, wind howls, volcanoes erupt. I hover a foot off the ground in the lotus position. I'm chilling. the universe collapses in on itself and gives in to chaos. all succumbs to inevitable entropy, yet still I chill.

Almond Joy implies the existence of Almond Despair

this post brought to you by my irl friend who hates it when I say teehee

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nothing makes the haters more angry than when you let slip a little "Tee Hee" after getting up to some mischief

I'm coming up with daily themed playlists for my work. So far I've got:

Metal Monday
Trance Tuesday
Wu Tang Wednesday
Thrash Thursday
Funk Friday

"your printer needs your attention" this bitch too clingy fr

sometimes i look at dogs chilling and im like, what do they know that i do not, how they so chilling

every day i log on and there are more posts. when will the pain end

:smoliv: :goblin: :shrek: these three roll up and ask you to join the polycule

damn shorty you're hot but kinda scary too! haha I'd let you kill me with a hammer fr

I don't have athletes foot, I have athletes ass. and it's much much worse

we all have that one friend who sucks complete ass at video games but we play with them anyway. Last night I spent over an hour tying to help someone form a posse in Red Dead online

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