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Art - Big Flower, w/ cut-outs & teeny tiny eye on YOU! 

#collage #art #MastoArt #Photoshop

“Leafy” - Square canvas w/dark green leaf brocade fabric covered in 2 translucent layers of ad type: 1 white, 1 purple & upside-down. Big opaque white ring, topped w/2 octagonal cutout shapes turned for spiky floral effect. Small purple “plus” sign w/tiny green eye at tapered center, atop small opaque white circle. Trim: pointed yellow-orange bits, some w/floral fabric.

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just saw Tom Cruise's new plane movie, I liked the part when he found the Top Gun and shoots the bad guy

you don't hate red delicious apples, you hate capitalism

Chilling Simulator 1.2.8 patch notes:

- Added the leather recliner to the game
- Fixed a bug where the brown sofa will bounce back at an infinite velocity when sat on
- Rebalanced the weed meter and the vibes meter
- Adjusted hitboxes on the bong to make each hit more dank
- Removed haters from the game

accidentally turned my swag on Reverse instead of Drive and I backed into my garage door 😓

Urgent question for #queer members of the Fediverse: Do you know of any resources for giving a presentation to small kids (1st and 2nd grade, to be precise) about #LBGTQ issues? I was asked by a local international school to do just this, tomorrow! This group of #children has already been introduced to concepts of #gender and different kinds of #families. I plan to read "What Riley Wore" to them, and maybe also "I Am Jazz!" and "Stella Brings the Family." #boosts appreciated! 💖

and let me reiterate, i hardly ever preorder games. but i can tell this shit will hit my g spot

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