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bro you seriously did not just project an aura of hostility at me. bro. your going to force me to use a ki shout to dispel all those debuffs bro

I don't flirt I bring you my kills as a sign of respect

holy shit I'm going through a mailing list at work and there's a person on here with the last name Siddon. the chances of Edward (anglicized version of Edouard) being alive and well are real

reporting any tiktoks about troops as content about hate groups

Americans are massive cucks about the Korean War. fuck the troops and fuck veterans. i hope they suffer

just busted open a new bag of coffee bean..................................... hell yeah baby.......... delishuss


today i would like to find a font like this (title screen from Hakob Hovnatanyan by Sergei Paradjanov (1967))

I have come to terms with my flighty attitude to things. I am hot and cold, I obsess then abandon, I hyper focus then dissociate. I am unshackled, my chaos spreads outwards and inwards unfettered. I cannot be defeated, I cannot be opposed.

@pizza (me, looking up at my window in my office) oh wow that was a lot of thunder

(deep rumbling voice that shakes the heavens) sleeby. need cofe

*quietly, to myself because i'm alone in this room*

nuclear whunger

(fully unhinged voice) just decided. im normal now.

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