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is it a bird? is it a plane? is it a house? is it a road? is it a flower? is it a concept? is it long? is it cold? is it taut? is it wicked? is it entertaining? is it hurting you? is it huddled? is it troublesome? is it separable into its constituent parts? is it a bad idea? is it a dog? is it humming? is it humming? is it humming? is it humming?

*me flirting* haha yeah so I take the same anxiety meds as Kanye West, pretty cool right??

fuck! just put on a cursed amulet and it turned my bones into kitkat bars!!

I can tell I'm having a bad day because I just replied to an automatically generated Photobucket newsletter with "fuck off"

*dmx voice* y’all gonna make me do a heckin uwu up in here up in here

dude i don't give a flying fuck. i don't give a running shit. i don't give a rolling piss

@girls this is going i just say "yeehaw" on them

great depression era vagabond scratching a betty boop in chalk onto a house to signal to travelers that the people who live there are down to suck and fuck

anybody else love to piss and shit on here????

@pizza gimme a break!! i say as i stub my shin on my bed frame, accidentally snapping it in half with a satisfying crunch

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A sanctuary for goblins of all kinds to lurk and cause mischief.