awake, but why πŸ€”

gonna solve this mystery, adventure-game style

adding nearby objects to my inventory until i can't carry any more, then mashing them together in every possible combination

so far, the cat is not enjoying this

crungus in my tent i got tea and theres a big crush on Lexington. Sensitive, smart, smol, gayyyy

Why the fuck are there so many people with kayaks

I am squinting my eyes at what is ur tactic for getting outta bed when u wake up

Irrational fear of slowly turning into a child if I eat children’s vitamins

I just gotta test the waters to make sure I’m in the right spot

Choose your nap fighter:

weird taste in mouth
sound of everyone around you being awake in another dimension
slept for 30 minutes but it felt like 300 hours
somehow still tired

me, adorning myself like a peacock: dont look at me

We sit our cats in fine oak barrels aged for 50 years. Dryads picked the catnip we will sprinkle on your cat.

when you just wanna get to the door just in time. hmm

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