Devil picks up live coals
to light pipe.

ok. i did a couple things but i have not gotten out of bed that is for sure

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oh i did also set an appointment to fix the ac in my car

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wait i take that back i sent the volunteer application for the library

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ok it has been (checks clock) several hours and i still have not done a thing and also my stomach is growling

do i wanna be a restaurant manager at a golf course

should i do laundry? deposit money into my account? do some dishes? all or none or some or one?

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so maybe i should look into volunteering there again / going back to school idk

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she has connections and if a certain ballot passes then the community library will be hiring a librarian and will be added to the public city system

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old lady at work reminding me of my librarian dream

foraging with the lads for some little berries and shit

dry wit levels are currently at 07% but fluctuating wildly

(07%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Deity creates mosquitoes
to irritate other gods.

Blackbird shE a Him
that his FRIEND
has HAd an Clam,

she ASKED was KNEW
by the SQUIRREL.

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