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i am here to make friends and kick over the milk pail and you all have gotten pretty good at hiding the milk pail

lock up your perishables today folks im spoiling for some spoiling

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Reading about ospreys and loving this picture so much, your house is an osprey house now, thank you, it's an honor

if elected to the High Council i will redistribute the moon so that everyone will have full moons at all times

heck yes i mutter, having found the pair of old boots left by the stove

heck yes i chatter, admiring them standing tall in the center of my underground abode

heck yes i yell as i squeeze myself into the left boot and pull the tongue closed over my head

heck yes

ever spend several weeks helping a hapless youth with their chores and then have them forget to set aside a bit of honeycomb and pair of old shoes? i hope that bastard likes his Mystery Rash

being a goblin means never needing to apologize for asking to borrow your friends specialty eyeballs

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food, caps 

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hell no im not a furry i can remain perfectly smooth under the full moon if i want to

bringing a table-leg to the barbecue and getting defensive about how was i supposed to know you meant a meat leg

plotting the greatest caper a goblin hath conceived in a generation: grand theft goat

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once, in the process of chasing birds, i caught a bird and we looked into each others eyes for just a moment and i let them go but those moments of silent regard are etched onto my soul till the end of my days.

"do i still chase birds," what kind of question is that. of course.

frick off, i'm doing some goblin magic with this jawbone, honeycomb and bowl of dirt

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Why can't I have a mischievous dalliance with a a lord while also flirting with his wife and living rent-free in his beautiful house on his expansive natural estate. I deserve to be happy.

i am here to make friends and kick over the milk pail and you all have gotten pretty good at hiding the milk pail

hanging out in the court of the king of the goblins today, they turned a kid into a bird and then chased them around the castle

it's good to be included

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