Jess once told me she thought of a magic the gathering card that describes me and I’m like awwww and then she pulls up fucking sensation gorger

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Looking for "free thinkers" because my ponzi scheme needs new money

Mad Max except everyone’s driving elaborate unicycles

to catch a train, first you must learn to think like a train

some people watch a movie like Hitchcock's The Birds and look for an underlying subtext. But it's not there. Hitchcock was an asshole, but one of his few redeemable qualities was his understanding that birds absolutely fucking suck

if you subscribe to Mastodon Blue, you're allowed to fuck the extinct elephant dinosaur

The 8-month study looked at humans who experienced mild to moderate CoV2. By the study's close, subjects still hadn't rebuilt their T- and B-cells. Humans need B-cells to make antibodies and T-cells to fight specific pathogens. The damage to the immune system is unprecedented. 1/

@Billius27 I know for a fact that the extension of a mask mandate in Regina at the municipal level was defeated by a call-in campaign this spring by anti-maskers the day before - about 500 calls were mobilized by the anti side the night before the vote. If we don’t have kind of organization, we need it. Just speaking from my experience, it’s too easy for municipal politicians to take the conflict-averse route when they see this kind of disruption or get angry calls.

This article is the most complete I've seen yet. #covid19 increases risk of stroke by 55%, seizures by 80%, destroys brain synapses, causes long covid in 1/3 of those infected... It makes no sense to drop precautions. Not sure who needs to hear this but you're not wrong to be cautious. #CovidIsNotOver


A reminder to isolate ad much as possible the first 2 weeks after vaccination as your lymphocytes take a hit and open the door to infection. This is true for many vaccines, not just SarsCoV2 vaccines.


#CO2 reading of 1018 ppm* on #NYC #MTA bus in #Brooklyn this AM—6 other riders (all unmasked), me (#N95), plus the bus driver (unmasked). One window open.

*Accuracy of CO2 monitor estimated +/- 50 ppm

#BringBackMasks #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #BetterMasks #CleanAir #Ventilation #CO2Monitor

today is #NativeAmericanHeritageDay. settlers/non-Indigenous Americans, one of the best ways that we can celebrate this is purchasing from Native artists, donating to Native organisations that are out there doing the work, and so on. through today, I'm going to link to some Native small businesses and non-profits where the support goes a long way. it's not an exhaustive list, but it's a start. if you have holiday gift shopping to do, consider doing it with a business below.

I humbly suggest, if your Twitter account is still active, go over there and unfollow all business and verified accounts that haven't migrated to Mastodon. The sooner they realize there is a shrinking audience the sooner they stop propping up a fascist social site. #followfriday #UnfollowFriday

"They found changes to the brain stem and front lobe in areas of the brain associated with fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, and cognitive issues."

WebMD - COVID-19 Affects Brain 6 Months After Symptoms, Research Finds:

(hat tip to @theonides for finding this)

*THIS* is why I am quintuple-vaccinated, wear facemasks indoors, and practice elaborate social distancing! I make a living with my brain, and I do *NOT* want to get #COVID19, not even once. 😷 💉

OMG! This from this morning. Luckily the Powerful Owlet figured out she was being stalked by the Python in time and flew away. #wildoz


so there i was, scrolling through the admin section of jorts dot horse, perusing emotes to steal for our beautiful users

having a grand time

scrolling through hundreds of bobcats

whistling a jaunty tune


Handy glossary:

When white people complain about “critical race theory” or “wokeness,” they’re nostalgic for the days when they could be openly racist with no consequences.

When cis people whine about “gender ideology” or "social contagion," they’re mad that trans people exist.

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