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Okay, time for an I reckon. I'm Shula, 42, I'm a lesbian living in the deep south. are sidhe/her/it. I'm a convert and a librarian. I play banjo, guitar, bass, a little keyboard, and I sing. I have a teenager. I'm ( and a little ). I am pro legalization, probably at least slightly buzzed if I'm on here. I'm engaged to @kitrona and we have four cats.

Cw, drug use 

@kitrona, on being high: "it's like predictive text for my mouth."

They come running just as fast as they can
All the women go crazy for a


Here is your reminder that it only takes a few seconds to say...

• I'm sorry
• Can we talk?
• I love you
• I was wrong
• We can let the family of opossums live in the attic as long as they want and I think giving them tiny hats is a nice idea honestly
• You were right

I think they just messed up the title— isn't that a parsha tablecloth showing Avraham Avinu traveling by camel?


@ Matt Paretsky:
@jewwhohasitall can you help settle a debate? My Christian friend and I saw this in a store. I say it’s David and Solomon, of course, but I can’t figure out who the third king is. They say it’s three guys I’ve never heard of from some midrash of theirs, which is cute but, c’mon…”

I'd just gotten snuggled under my blanket with my teddy bear, ready to get more sleep, when my alarm went off.

When people tell me I'm overreacting to the threat posed our lack of regulations on motor vehicle size

This question, you moderates spend all your time ruminating over, puzzling and studying, convinced that it means everything - is utterly meaningless.

Fascists who are hypocrites are still fascists and they're still trying to kill you.

Americans should name mass shootings the way they do hurricanes but after Republicans who accept payments from the NRA.

@kitrona gave our cat Ellie a bit of meat from her dinner. Ellie sniffed it, licked it, and then left.

Kit: "I took food out of my mouth for you! Ungrateful little brat!"

Me: "You really are a Jewish mother."

"Whoever invented the knee will one day have to answer to me." - @shulabramble

Warhammer 3 gives Slaanesh daemons crab claws very often and while I appreciate crab claws it also seems like being a hedonist would be easier with thumbs

You push me to the ground. Big mistake: I lean into the fall, sailing backwards towards the ground, my arms held out like Jesus--I bounce off the ground, using my large bulbous ass as a trampoline. I launch into a double gainer; on the first rotation I upper cut you with a deadly kick. On the second pass I give you a little kiss. You fall to the ground, stunned by my prowess

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