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Hi!! I'm new here so I'm making an !! I'm Santino a 16 year old beginner 3D modelling artist from Argentina!! I go by he/him and am bisexual!! I've always liked collecting small bones and shiny trinkets so being a goblin is my calling!! I also write stories and have a few OCs!! I would consider myself friendly and open to making new friends!! Here is my listography in case you want to know my interests:

Hey y'all happy pride from your local anxious bi!!!

CW: Political Rant, Swearing 

Right wing dumbasses think free speech means that any social media platform can't ban and delete their content for breaking their terms of service against harassment??? Free speech is something that only refers to the government as an entity so it can't silence the voice of the little man, not to every company living in that society. Also hate speech directly threatens another person's human rights so in a perfect world it would mean it doesn't fall under free speech.

Every Sonic character is gay and there's nothing you can do about it

A blind person and a deaf person can never communicate directly

Seeing people complain to Mastodon for not being against "sexism" and "racism" white men endure really creates a new type of anger in me

Galaxy Brain is installing/buying games just to play as a Goblin

If you give your Clown affection in the night time it can evolve into a Mime instead!

The Clown Population is dying! We have to save them! Clowns are an important part of our ecosystem!

Hey which character hates Kirito? I need to know so I can add them to my kin list

Make a Kirito Hater List so I can follow all of my people

If you think women characters are boring and uninteresting but have never complained about a male protagonist in your life I will break into your house while you sleep


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Isn't Kirito Kin the same as having a god complex?

I need a game where you can have a full pacifist route, like Undertale, but instead of killing monsters you date them

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