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the trick to extracting meaning from life is starting with a good compression algorithm

I don't want to be an adrenaline junkie, i want to be in adrenaline sobriety

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anxiety is when your brain is an adrenaline junkie but you aren't

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back from the hike i started at 12:30 and im tired :battery_low:

feeling apathy with the power of 1000 voids

remove my skin. i don't want it anymore. it's itchy and wet

limited understanding of what either a hootie or a blowfish consist of

hootie and the blowfish could easily exist in Tolkien's middle earth

cooking with salt to make my dish more secure

pers, irl subtoot 

yep telling you i don't want to date and *not responding to your repeated requests for contact afterward* means read my masto posts and grill me about my life now for "closure". i don't owe you shit. leave me alone.

i thought baby driver took place in the boss baby cinematic universe

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