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instead of buying rainbow merch to celebrate pride, consider having gay sex

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Halim is black trans kid who was recently attacked by men and she's is in urgent need of safety. Please boost and donate.

snowshoes would be useful on a slime planet

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I managed to get my rent covered but what i'm left with is €10 which really isn't enough to cover my groceries for the next 3 weeks before I get my benefits again. anyone could spare a lil bit of money? if I can get like €50 I should be fine

thanks 🐁

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licking a ballpoint pen to understand how hamsters feel

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parting my hair. time we go our seperate ways

what if there were two guys on the moon and they held hands. would be nice i think

I'm making being short my only personality trait, and I'm gatekeeping it. all you need to know about me is that I'm short, and no one can be short who isn't me

uspol, roe, tokophobia 

as a person with tokophobia this is sort of the nightmare senario. if my anxiety hadn't already been spiking throughout the day this would probably hit a lot harder right now. my BC implant is literally a lifesaving device. I feel so powerless to help others.

ever do a quick hand flap cause you're so excited for the food you're about to eat

layin it down strongdick style on some hydration

having to scroll through a very long normal story to get to the recipe for a normal one

concerned i haven't been communist enough on this websites

as a meat substitute, i like when the meat leaves me a lesson plan

i don't want to use indeed dot com i want to make fairy houses out of twigs

i hope my other bones aren't jealous of all the attention i give my teeth

my favorite part of baby driver is the montage of the baby learning to drive

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