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gonna start posting collages on this account now! I have new ones and a bunch from the past... all my work is traditional (not digital art) and the subject matter is a bit all over the place, being from my brain and all. tagging everything moving foward

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I have an A.S. in infosec IT but i work at domino's because the world is a cruel place

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looking for a new living situation starting September in the Portland/beaverton OR area. DM me :ablobcatbongo: :boost_ok:

love to post about ass with the little friends in my phone

legend tells of an ass so fat even God couldn't clap it

a birth certificate is just a receipt for a person

I have very realistic transition goals,

I only want to be the hottest person alive.

*taps 🎀* "there are people who seem to get really offended about gender fluidity or non-binary folks- but those are just people who feel like their gender is insecure, you know? and in this day and age it *is* important to keep your gender secure. your gender should contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters, at least one number and one symbol"

I will not post tits. unless you pay for shipping.

wearing a mask printed with nipples so they blur my face on tv

I think i have the personality and stamina to head a sex cult. I feel no need to elaborate.

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Alexa, dispense my favorite gaseous neurotoxin

please don't do this on our network or to my amygdala they're both v important

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I wish my boyf would stop researching cults that shit frks me out

the stuff of nightmares 

spider furby

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