*taps 🎀* "there are people who seem to get really offended about gender fluidity or non-binary folks- but those are just people who feel like their gender is insecure, you know? and in this day and age it *is* important to keep your gender secure. your gender should contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters, at least one number and one symbol"

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@sugar that's why you should always use a VPN when gender presenting in public

@sugar "keep your gender secure with the sponsor of today's video, nordvpn. Nordvpn is a highly-"

@shoofle @sugar using tor gender presenter to utterly avoid perception and brows the dark genders

@Blakely @shoofle even better privacy than just LGBTQS (LGBTQ secure)

@sugar @dartigen Best to use a gender manager so you can generate a different gender every time you need one and only have to remember your master gender.

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