zoomers don't know what a file is...linux thinks everything is a file...can they get along??

@sugar "Damn kids, not knowing what a file is! Get off my lawn!" I shouted at a bunch of zoomers, who just looked at me confused because kids these days don't even know what a fucking lawn is anymore GODDAMMIT CELL PHONES

@sugar *comedic movie trailer music* coming this fall

@sugar universal search exists so yes, if anything gnome's search or such is superior to others :p

@sugar I think I will have to *file* a complaint on that :o

@sugar lol, I just posted the pcgamer article about this but it is very anecdotal and I wonder if there is any real study about computer literacy amongst different age groups.

@sugar a file is those things kids used to download from the lime web and broke my 56k modem >:(

@sugar wait until you introduce them to the desktop metaphor

@sugar just lock'em to their homedir with a search thing and wait for them to get very confused when they accidentally open a terminal.

Oh god what if a command shell that ignores directories and treats all files as a global search function :blobnervous:

@sugar i would at least watch the first few episodes of this show

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