@dualhammers a person who's labour is stolen to benefit capital, as opposed to cops who just protect the interests of capital

@sugar Would you say then that all jobs that protect capital in some form - security guards, prison guards, tax agents, soldiers, etc. are all not having their labor "stolen" because that effort is explicitly about protection?

@sugar I'm asking this in the context of thinking explicitly about organizing.

For example, in the leadup to WW1 the socialist Internationale attempted to organize general strike of all soldiers from both sides. They were seen as people having opposing class interests with capital even though their "labor" was going to be killing for capitalists.

The way I interpret your framing, if it's expansive, is that such people are not workers and must not be organized with

I think people should support soldiers when they cease following orders. Everyone, e.g., tax agents, works, but what's the point of organizing production that harms governed people? Another example - census - before governments took census, they didn't know as much about their subjects, so isn't it unethical to do this labor?


In the US, the purpose of cops is to enslave people of African descent, marginalize indigenous people, and to prevent the working class from taking land and freeing themselves from the obligations of making capitalists rich.

13th yewtu.be/watch?v=krfcq5pF8u8

Other jobs like security guards are usually despicable and "should" be avoided. Prison guards obviously are bastards. Soldiers should go AWOL or mutiny.


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