pleased to announce the 12 foot tall home depot skeleton in my neighborhood has not been taken down, and instead has been given a santa hat and beard

@InternetEh every season is 12 foot tall home depot skeleton season

@smallsees i don't have a car to drive by the place unfortunately, I just see it when my roomie drives me to the grocery store :blobuwu: maybe i'll be able to grab a pic before xmas

@sugar We only bought a 5 ft skeleton this Halloween, but we did also get a Santa suit and a beard for it now...

@sugar @Alexis Now this is the 'The Santa Clause' sequel I've been waiting for.

few expected that the survivors of the skeleton war would eventually become key players in brokering peace between halloween and christmas

@sugar It's as we feared.

The holidays continue to expand their range, and have begun to merge.

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