a spellbook where each spell has a long personal story with it like recipe blog

@sugar A bit like this? (Video, follow links in notes for text, either in the original Khangaþyagon or English translation)

#conlang #fantasy

@sugar scrolling through like "ohh my god please just tell me how to cast fireball"

@sugar “Once, when the present writer was no more than a three-score of years of age, he was commanded by the Iron-Glove of the city of Tí-Farazhù to call forth this terrible Prince in order to relieve the city of a geas of despair placed upon it by Those Who Serve the Pearl. The Iron-Glove himself joined in the incantations…”

@sugar “…Of all of this infelicitous tale there was only one good consequence: the plight of Tí-Farazhú so moved the Poet Yetíl that he composed a beauteous ode upon it, and this, when appropriately sung by a choir of little maidens, cannot help but awake nobility and solemnity within the breasts of the hearers.Thus it was in my youth.”

And then we get to the summoning ritual

@sugar this is why d&d has all those named spells, they're like recipe cards you've copied from books because the recipe is good but the book is borderline unreadable

@sugar "I swear, if this spellbook doesn't have a skip-to-spell button..."

@sugar I just imagine a wizard in the middle of combat with a spell scroll frantically reading trying to find the part where the actual important bits are while everyone else is screaming about how they need that fireball *yesterday*.

@sugar @breakfastgolem I’ve always assumed that’s why spellbooks look so thick

It’s like 90% travelogue and maybe 10% spells and you pray it is well indexed. But also you know there’s going to be some offhand mention of a weird ingredient twist or unanticipated side effect in between the banter of stupid things the rest of the party said and good wizards need to read the whole dumb thing (every time)

(That’s why it takes a long rest to prepare)

@sugar this was my husbands favourite dick embiggening spell

@finn *wild hand motions* "bottomus growthus!"

@sugar this explains that spell book on Kings Quest 3, where you try to read it in-game and it's just meaningless lines. Gwydion's like "I ain't reading all this shit about your supportive husband"


For the first time in my life, I know REAL fear... 😬

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