if you're reading this you should make art today

@hoppet @sugar I should probably mention the design is from a kit so I didn't come up with that but I lost the instructions so I'm winging it from here! :ACNH_Smirking:

@lapis very cool! french knots are always hard for me lol, i blame the french

@sugar :blobblush: thank you! I was cursing the french when I was trying yesterday

@lapis where do you get your (iron on?) patterns. those are so convenient

@sugar this was from a kit I bought at Joann Fabrics. Pillowcase included.
I think this is gonna be an embroidery summer and if you have tips I welcome them. 🥰

@lapis embroidery summer! :ablobcatbongo: i don't think i really have tips, i just love little crafty things

@sugar already done. but you probably won't spot it, as it doesn't look like art! 🤣🤣💩

@sugar i was just about to go to sleep but heres a finger doodle of a stunky from memory does that count

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