people complaining about kids having it easier absolutely boggle my mind. if we aren't trying to make life better for the new generation what the fuck are we doing

@sugar i bet these are the kind of people who think that adversity brings strength and therefore making people's lives decent will make them weak or smth like that

@sugar like isn't that the whole point of the struggle? So the next generation has it easier than you did???

@sugar it's amazing how old people have been complaining about how soft kids kids are these days since the founding of civilization. and probably even before that.

@sugar I'd say this generation has it harder than anyone previous.

Boomers fucked me up, too, & I've never recovered--but at least I didn't have the added soul-grinding despair of knowing that, even if I *somehow* beat the odds & made a life worth living, that there might not even *be* an Earth left 2 support said life.

Gen Z & younger: I would absolutely not blame you if you fuckin' snapped & started capturing & cannibalizing anyone over 30. I will cheer you on. I only ask that you use Adobo.

@IridisSparks i think some things have improved, like harassment at school is taken more seriously now which is great...but yeah things are so fucking bad. i don't understand folks my age (woefully, 28) not having solidarity with younger people. we are all suffering under the same systems and need to dismantle them together.



(Hmm, if anything, I envy their internet access tbh. I wish I'd had *half* the social, psychological, & structural terminology to describe the crap going on in life *years* ago... Thinking of the youth starting off with those tools make me think that a lot of them, instead of spinning their wheels against mountains of propaganda, gaslighting, & questioning/second-guessing themselves, will be able 2 just skip 2 telling their oppressors "fuck you!", & it does my heart good :DD )

@IridisSparks yeah the increased access to community support, even if its just other folks telling you "you're right, this sucks" is so invaluable. it is really nice to see people finding that at younger ages instead of spinning their wheels for years

@sugar more of that "it sucked for me so it has to suck for everyone else too" attitude that is fucking tiring

@sugar everyone born after me should have it worse than me and have to climb through every era of human technology until they're allowed one (1) Nokia

@sugar literally what is even the goal of society if not making life easier and more pleasant, if you're not on board with that go live in the woods by yourself

@sugar people never give kids credit for the shit they put up with.


Whatever happened to I study war so that my child can study business and trade so that their child can study art and science?

Crab pot syndrome, ig.

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