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I have no idea what the meta on here is but I hate fascism and and looking to suck dick so I think I'll come out on top

no joke there was an eviction of an encampment yesterday where mpd bulldozed half of people's shit, got bored I guess??, and then was like yeah I guess it's fine if y'all stay here just keep it clean and then fucked off

bring an unhoused person a blanket. quarter them in your living room you goddamned freaks!

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haha yeah anyway anyone wanna buy my nudes

My neighbor across the street from me aggressively shouts greetings at me everytime I poke my head out my door and also sometimes sits in his car at night listening to intensely sad music for hours and I am afraid

on a real note I fully expect that the government in climate exile of like Samoa or what not is going to make some serious waves on future twitter saying "you absolute fuckwits, you goddamned goons"

something to watch is all I'm saying

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i think from a purely pragmatic perspective that the unicode consortium should recognize that the are more bisexuals then there are people who live in the Maldives, a country that won't exist in a few decades

for the record my experience with the ng is that I've never seen a group of confused 19 year olds more strongly broadcast "uhhhh what are we doing here" with every single aspect of their being and I didn't ever see them as anything more than an enabler of the real enemy. but goddamn have some dignity about being under military occupation.

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all the fucked up "oh the poor national guard can I bring them a comforter" shit is absolutely soul sapping to me

we all have an eschatology. that's never the question.

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