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you know im not entirely sure that making masto and discord my only online presence was actually a good idea

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hey clown. hey jester. you have don e it again
constantly raising the bar for the circus and doing it foolishly
id say im surprised but i know who you are
ive seen up close and personal i know who you are

listen here. i don't like you. i am now
to bark at you

woof woof bark bark woofwoofwoof bark bark
woofwoofwoof woofwoofwoof bark bark bark

woof woof bark bark woofwoofwoof bark bark
woofwoofwoof woofwoofwoof bark bark bark

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new account new post?

i'm bug, a neurodivergent trans guy with left queer, and lately mostly i just post about ffxiv but when i'm NOT absorbed in a video game i also draw!
that's... about it :'3

my "sona" (started out as an animal crossing insert lol) is a frog-themed monkey boy!


askreddit post "Straight people of Reddit, what have you always wondered about the LGBT Community?"

lol. it's about as expected

levar burton is guest hosting jeopardy rn πŸ₯Ί

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waiting patiently for my husband to wake up because it's really boring when he's asleep

i got to page 130 of reddit tonight! eesh !!

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my mastodon app hasnt been good about giving me notifications but luckily i know when my posts get notes because my laptop across the room (which is closed and should be sleeping) bloops at me

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Never challenge Death to a pillow fight 

unless you're prepared to handle the Reaper cushions.

i think if you have any sexual thoughts in public you should be put in a jail in the bottom of the ocean. this includes nonsexual thoughts that involve any body part also

doctors are going to have a really hard time but i think society needs this

finally got the set ive been wanting since i first started!! now i truly am Bug Boy

melatonin experience 

it worked great for 4 days and i was very excited to actually be falling asleep within an *hour* of laying down!

aaand then tonight it's 8am and im still not tired at all. lol. πŸ˜”

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i am a man but i do also enjoy being, also, a gender goblin, in addition to being male. as a treat

still mad at aldi for not hiring me when i was WAY QUALIFIED for that job and am a GREAT EMPLOYEE. they dont know what they missed out on

sleeping for 12+ hours rules except when i *wake up* with a caffeine headache

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artfight attack on TheKitsuneWolf! i hadnt touched mspaint in so long this was SOO fun

#art #mastoart #artfight #pokemon

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