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for every time i am ignored i get 1 degree more annoying and that is why i am the way that i am

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one of my discord servers has been doing these all evening lmao

transcribed in caption because it saved really low res for some reason πŸ˜”

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hey clown. hey jester. you have don e it again
constantly raising the bar for the circus and doing it foolishly
id say im surprised but i know who you are
ive seen up close and personal i know who you are

listen here. i don't like you. i am now
to bark at you

woof woof bark bark woofwoofwoof bark bark
woofwoofwoof woofwoofwoof bark bark bark

woof woof bark bark woofwoofwoof bark bark
woofwoofwoof woofwoofwoof bark bark bark

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new account new post?

i'm bug, a neurodivergent trans guy with left queer, and lately mostly i just post about ffxiv but when i'm NOT absorbed in a video game i also draw!
that's... about it :'3

my "sona" (started out as an animal crossing insert lol) is a frog-themed monkey boy!

i got to one of the lv 60 dungeons that sounded hard when i looked it up and got too nervous and have been putting it off since (this was like pre-EW) lol.. now im all rusty at the game esp healing and it'll be even harder (whm is his only class at lv 60) 😭

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i think today i will try to log into cerci and progress MSQ

The thing about Dracula is, because it is the origin point of so many familiar vampire tropes, the characters seem like absolute dumbasses for spending so much time trying to solve the key mystery of what Dracula is.

im a miss andrist
(because im a man who people call miss)
is this anything

to be fair the person i watch baseball with is my partner, who hates the cubs bc she thinks they have stolen valor for underdogness, lmao

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i know like theoretically the yankees are very popular but it still surprises me whenever someone is actually rooting for them
like conceptually i know yankees fans exist but i don't know if I've ever heard anyone actually root for them in real life before

i think mee6 is my least favorite discord bot because whenever im in servers with it sometimes when i send messages it PINGS ME no matter how hard i try to silence the bot channel in said server

my post summoned my diagla (weird horse) and now im thinking about how dialga would be a perfect Weird Horsegirl Horse
perfect head shape for horse bonding activities (snack feeding, nose patting), wild but tameable temperament, your father would never approve of you keeping it (perhaps unless youve proved that you've bonded),

the people will would either don't talk about me often enough to use pronouns or are rarely not just talking directly to me, & my coworkers theythem me and strangers sheher me, so i don't get he himmed very often at all πŸ˜”

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i wish people used he him pronouns when talking about me

Update with all viable info.


I'm running from a roommate who turned dangerous in the last 48 hours. I found a place, but it will be $800 to move in. They've thankfully prorated the rent and everything. But, you know, security deposits.

Idk if I'm gonna get my security back from my current living situation, because, you know.

Please help if you can! Ive already gotten some help and I'm so grateful!


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