if you or a loved one have been subjected to hearing cis people talking about transness amongst themselves you may be entitled to my complete sympathy im so sorry that happened to you that fucking sucks

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cis people LOVE to be like "ik this is controversial and idk if im allowed to say this because im cis but (transphobic take) (transphobic take) (extremely transphobic take) (facts twisted in bad faith) (transphobic take)" and all the other cis people in the room will be like "THANK you ive been too scared to say that!"

this is about me joining, witnessing this, and then immediately leaving a discord server the other day

@trashguts i’m stupidly curious about what it actually was now but i am also 99% sure i’ve heard it before 1000 times i have to hear this kinda shit all the time from one of the mangers at work

he tells me shit like "all these transes are getting forced to do it by their parents and get made to take hormones against their will"

like dude, a ton of the trans people i know would probably kill to have fully supportive family members and easy access to HRT

@tempo @trashguts oh yes, i think the most parents ever β€œforce” kids to take hormones is not actively stopping them. being actively supportive basically never happens.

@tempo @trashguts How to be cis without being cis because this shit is just embarrassing to the rest of us.

Like, some things I can understand as being a simple misunderstanding that can be corrected, but "forced hormone therapy" is just damn ignorant.

Bad joke, :BlobhajTransPrideHeart: 

@trashguts ik this is controversial and idk if im allowed to say this because im cis but trans people are pretty cool

@trashguts I think the problem is they're not scared enough to say it and the problem can be solved with guns

@trashguts i'm actually fine cause whenever this comes up all other thoughts get drown out by that one guy pronouncing transgender with a hard g

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