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my names 

WAIT i forgot I already have a girl name I like better. So my names are gonna be Eridan (m)/ Keddem (f)/ Malkosh (nb)/ Buggy!

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tumblr link to a painting of a yellow eyed black cat brushing its teeth 

this has the same energy as my avi and also as me

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reminder that i'm white so if i ever say or do anything racist call me tf out!!!

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not screen reader friendly 

^ ^
| \ / |
/ /

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In tue most surprising update of the new year, i have chosen an avi that is NOT the sophie diao fox! :O

what if we combined all of new england into one big state

a transphobic take so galaxy brained it wraps back around to hilarious 

This is real I took this screenshot myself

i had better wake up on time tomorrow or so help me !!!

Eye contact 

We went on a date this morning :)

No, netflix, i don't Want any more of your shitty "girl power" programs

honestly all of my art style experiments are complete guesswork but i like it more and more. here's a noxx :)

havent jacked off for 2 hours where are my supperpowerss r/nofap

coming out as snake-kin because I too get anxious when given too much space, not enough space, too much stimulation, not enough stimulation, too much food, not enough food, the temperature is slightly off, anything changes at all, someone interacts with me, someone *doesn't* interact with me, have a bit of a lissssp, give great hugs, and I like to eat eggs

(this is not an invitation i reserve the right to choose my friends)

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why am i so active online? well, it is simply because i am desperate for friendship

Wow, this toilet roll tube has a letter P in it. That's the power of recycling cardboard. Let's hear a P in the chat if you're moved by this

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