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my names 

WAIT i forgot I already have a girl name I like better. So my names are gonna be Eridan (m)/ Keddem (f)/ Malkosh (nb)/ Buggy!

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tumblr link to a painting of a yellow eyed black cat brushing its teeth 

this has the same energy as my avi and also as me

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reminder that i'm white so if i ever say or do anything racist call me tf out!!!

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not screen reader friendly 

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In tue most surprising update of the new year, i have chosen an avi that is NOT the sophie diao fox! :O

critrole spoiler ish (if you're past 76 u should be good) 

So frustrating and funny to me that everyone spells the name of Fjords sword as "star razor". why the fuck would you call a sword "razor" thats so silly!! are you giving the stars a shave and a haircut lmao??? its clearly supposed to be "star razer" as in destroyer of stars but LITERALLY NO ONE spells it this way. what the fuck

MMoM 14 

day 14 - song you knew your friend(s) would love
Why We Build the Wall - Anais Mitchell (from Hadestown)

"nudge the system towards greater efficiency" full-stop

"efficiency" full-stop as a desired outcome of science

this shit drives me batty. efficient on what resource? efficient with respect to what? in comparison to what?

it's the same kind of wrong as saying that someone or something is "fit": fit to what context or purpose?

talking myself up 

i am cool and interesting and people love being friends with me!!!

i just realized i never posted my new com sheet on this account !!!
prices have stayed the same :)
you can check out all my art at !

I have a voucher for a free vehicle MOT at a Halfords auto centre to be redeemed before the end of May. It’s of no use to myself or anyone else that I know and it would be a shame to waste it.

The first person to send me a DIRECT/PRIVATE reply will get the voucher and I’ll update this thread publicly to confirm it’s been taken.


i really could use some external motivation right now

MMoM 13 

day 13- a song you only listen to alone.
i'll go with the dismemberment song by blue kid (cw: uh, dismemberment)
i think if people heard me play this song they would think there's something wrong with me (correct) and also that i like showtunes (wrong)

@bryn just a suggestion here but i had a sudden desire to see "fwick" wriiten in calligraphy and thought you might also enjoy the idea

Fedi, I once again have to ask for your help this month. ☹️
We're the 12th and my account is already empty.
I'll have to go get vaccinated Pipi tomorrow and it's going to cost us 100€.

We still haven't made any groceries for food this month because we paid all our debts. 😭

If you can help, my PayPal is

Thank you so much. ❀️


selfie, no eye contact 

my hair is doing a thing today πŸ’« also finally got my fringe cut bc I couldn't see shit anymore and it was annoying as hell now it looks like I got a whole different haircut wild lmao

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