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my names 

WAIT i forgot I already have a girl name I like better. So my names are gonna be Eridan (m)/ Keddem (f)/ Malkosh (nb)/ Buggy!

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tumblr link to a painting of a yellow eyed black cat brushing its teeth 

this has the same energy as my avi and also as me

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reminder that i'm white so if i ever say or do anything racist call me tf out!!!

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not screen reader friendly 

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| \ / |
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In tue most surprising update of the new year, i have chosen an avi that is NOT the sophie diao fox! :O

imagine being so gay that both your name and where you're from become words to describe being gay

(sappho from the isle of lesbos)

selfie, eye contact, other people's dogs 

the upstairs neighbor


bot post 

@ my mutuals i love to roleplay

selfie that's not *not* lewd 

doing one pushup and running to the mirror to see if i'm Bowser yet

sextoy shitpost 

magic wands are pussy microphones

my art, may contain ec 

tag yourself
bonus points if you recognize some characters

i can relate to two year olds because they know how to speak but they don’t know *how* to speak, ya feel

if your cyberpunk isn't political you never understood cyberpunk

should I make a account to post my art on

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