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if you were talking about someone else, would you say he/she here? then use 'e'
if you would say "he's/she's/they're" then say "e's"
if you were talking fast and would shorten him or them to " 'em " here, just do that, 'em' is the correct pronoun
if something belongs to em, and you would say "his" or "their/theirs" or "her/hers", here use 'er/ers'
feel free to dm with any questions

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btw its ok to fav or reply to my mh posts with a little supportive emoji or something. it helps to know people can see me

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Am I a Reply Guy? A Flowchart (uncaptioned) 

mutuals feel free to give constructive criticisms. If anyone wants a tts readable version, dm me and i'll link you the doc. if you like it feel free to repost wherever

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reminder that i'm white so if i ever say or do anything racist call me tf out!!!

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not screen reader friendly 

^ ^
| \ / |
/ /

what is sauce but a kind of soup you get other food wet with

when the pasta package says "boil for minutes"

for those of you who don't know, the jewish tradition asserts that the sin of sodom was a culture of selfishness, to the extent of forbidding and punishing acts of generosity

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my favorite kind of jewish content is when cities or states will do shit like make it illegal to feed the homeless and jews will post "this is literally sodomy!"

i already know everything i want to know about jjba through cultural osmosis. i do not want any more

can't believe lizer is trying to get me to put stinky in my pasta. i cant have cheese!!

i was gonna make pasta :T now i can't do anything ://

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i was so productive, i washed all the dishes and cleaned the litter box!! but now i'm also supposed to feed myself??? i am out of productivity juice

im finally much better at being autistic, instead of spending all day pretending not to be and then having a huge meltdown, i instead spend all day making people feel uncomfortable and then sleep like a fucking log, amen

nonbinary trans people trying to get the hormones they need: yes i have always loved binary gender stereotypes i am a
big binary gender stereotype :)

aaron do you have all the friday posts bookmarked lol

so awesome to wake up from a nap thinking it was saturday and then remember i was just napping and its still friday

@umalkosh I can't believe nobody has selected "too many nazis" a serious issue over there

What would finally spell the end of dot social?

Mutual aid request 

I think my car is fucked. It was on its last legs and I was just trying to coax it along til I could get some money from the new job to replace it. Now it's decided that shifting into reverse isn't necessary. I need some breathing room to figure out the logistics of making it through to the point where I can start earning. I'm hoping for $500. Anything helps, especially boosts.
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle
Cashapp: $rwcarlisle


selfie, eye contact 

Breaking News: Local girl discovers gender, plans to use it for nefarious purposes

does the vaccine give you male autism or female autism? i can't let them get unbalanced or the they/them assembly will revoke my enby card

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