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Am I a Reply Guy? A Flowchart (uncaptioned) 

mutuals feel free to give constructive criticisms. If anyone wants a tts readable version, dm me and i'll link you the doc. if you like it feel free to repost wherever

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the lorax movie did with the onceler what the mcu failed to do with thanos

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New avi by @voorhees based on the painting by julian winchester!! tysm rhys!!!

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reminder that i'm white so if i ever say or do anything racist call me tf out!!!

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not screen reader friendly 

^ ^
| \ / |
/ /

you: betting big on metaverse
me: betting big on omegaverse

we are not the same

for english speakers learning dutch is probably easier if you learn some frisian first, you're just hopping branches on the germanic language tree like that

honestly that episode of Game Changer changed my fuckin life

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mh-, meds 

i took my meds to work with me today so i wouldnt forget them. and now i cant find them anywhere. i want to die so much

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Everyone is talking about movies and I'd like to join in but I'm basically this guy

Baby picture 

Finally back home and it's family nap time

You: power button
Me: power bottom

We Are Not The Same

To the joker, drinking water is evil and fucked up

makes a bunch of funny posts
makes a post vaguely about wanting my funny posts to get more attention
lots of attention, but only to this post

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