seriously i swear I've had economics explained to me multiple times but i just dont get it. makes almost no sense to me. im a bad commie :( i hate money

@2b7c89526 i see in your profile u are ancap and love bitcoin. I've been recommended Edouard Siddon's book on the subject of economics, are you familiar?


@2b7c89526 really? you haven't heard of SIDDON MY DICK AND BALLS BITCH

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@umalkosh Like I don't know WHEN he migrated but I'm choosing to believe it happened like 30 seconds after getting siddon'd

@witchfynder_finder gfdhsjagchj wow i'm getting a 504 error on the page
this rules lol

@umalkosh @2b7c89526 BAH GAWD LOOKS LIKE THE INVISIBLE HAND OF THE MARKET DECIDED THIS ANCAP SHOULD GET TREAD ON #REKT #basiceconomics #libertarianthoughts #bitcoin

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