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what is it about so many people that smoke weed or tobacco that makes them have to make it their entire personality

A little reminder that if you wish to I have an art account

if you wanna see my stuff or at least boost my commission posts :)

apropos of nothing i like @Em and @zorotl a lot

and i like guppy and eggie a lot too

maybe just like... don't talk about me or reprimand people on my behalf

i've been talking to people who have come to me and apologized and we are solving things like adults

i really just want to mend bridges at this point, not burn them

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please don't harass or shit on people on my behalf, you're just contributing to a cycle and that's flying in the face of what i've been trying to say the past couple days

Also I don't wanna feel like I'm using my pain to get money but since this is the last time I might log in here for a little bit

I'm still doing commissions and I'm still trying to raise $700 for an ipad replacement so I can keep making a living

In any case I still feel as dead and heartbroken as I did two days ago so I don't know when I'll be back here in any real capacity, if any at all. I don't know

Most of my income comes from here so if I lose that I can't afford food, but... I just can't anymore.

I don't know. I just don't know. I am in physical pain right now.

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They are simultaneously trying to help keep from losing the roof over three people and a child's head, commute, deal with being super I'll, and feeling a responsibility to keep me from just fleeing into the sunset on fire.

So please consider if it's really worth it at this point to go after them.

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I'm in the process of trying to convince my self whether it's worth staying on Mastodon at all anymore,

But in the mean time, cut Milly some slack. If you have words for them talk to them. Otherwise please stop just digging in to someone who feels just as betrayed by their friends as I do.


I'm crying at work and it's not even works fault this time it's the fucking internet

imagine how much better fedi would be if people just blocked people instead of just complaining about them for a year straight

i've ignored it because sometimes it was warranted but i really hope people reading this will really think about this sort of behavior and the kind of cycle it contributes to

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i am trying to stay off masto but i need to get that off my chest

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you can't just say you're a shitpost fun place when you act as a monolith to go after people without all the information and working off assumptions

imagine how much better fedi would be if people just blocked people instead of just complaining about them for a year straight

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