Alright who fuckin broke Mastodon this time, was it geet or lucy?

Honestly can't even say the TL is On One because there's like 4 happening at once

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What's up goblins here is the forbidden lore:

Sonic the Hedgehog is a zoomer

What's up goblins main is federating slowly again and I'm Mad About Videogames

Hell yeah Friday night time too get hyphy*!

*Have a drink or two

The thing they don't tell you about the PNW is that you get like 0 thunderstorms out here ever

What the fuck is up with that

Me on main: Everything is so much and local is so loud and home is so chaotic and aaaaaaa

Me on camp: ahhhhhhh~

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I really do need to start using this account more, I always forget how much I love camp

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