I'm home from skating! The 5 year old decided she wanted to be my best friend and she has BIG GOBLIN ENERGY so I loved her.

Going roller skating with one of my best friends and her girlfriend and her girlfriend's kid because roller skating is QUEER CULTURE, GODDAMMIT

whyd i make this. nobody has used this meme in 3000 years

cybre.space is having service problems right now "thanks" to our hosting provider, but i want to reassure everyone here that we have no intention of taking the instance down entirely, and we have appropriate backups just in case the worst happens (which have been tested to be restorable). cybre.space isn't going anywhere.

I think it might be time to do an upgrade on my PC but I'm gonna have to buy a new motherboard if I get a new CPU I'm pretty sure and that's a lot of money

I'm always tempted to post about F1 but due to my watch habits I'm consistently 2-3 races behind current so nobody would even care about my thoughts by the time I got to them =P

Help! I'm Falling In Love With This Girl Singing Karaoke!

A light novel about me on any given Friday

Just saw a 2 year old toot and it felt like a scene out of the mummy

"Oh fuck what's wrong with my phone oh it's just the blue light filter kicking in cos it's 10 PM" ~ me every time I'm on my phone at 10 PM

I notice that gob listed me in their FF and yet I have NONE follower requests

how queer
how strange
how very odd

The Mastodon Experience is never knowing who is being ironic about feet posts

If you're on .camp and have posted selfies before, yes, I am talking about you

Every time I see selfies from a member of camp I previously had not seen selfies of, I am reminded of the fact that goblins are actually very cute every time

goblin.camp is where I come when I can't deal with any more techposting and instead want to see just the absolute dumbest shit imaginable

"This book isn't even ABOUT goblins what is going on???" ~ NY Times Starred Review

Outing myself by writing a fantasy novel with a pretty fleshed out society for the adventurers and then spending half the book describing municipal politics of underground goblin societies

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