I love to have a massive muscle twitch in my hand, it's great to have my claw moving on its own, this is fantastic

I love you all, please do not take my absence here personally I am simply very bad at being online in more than a single place

If you wanna know what it's like in my head just imagine a Pathfinder goblin piloting an X-Wing

@witchfynder_finder you can tell you're a huge nerd because you said d6 and not just dice

I looked it up and it's definitely a real game that already existed, which owns

Get some friends and teach yourselves this game, it is literally never boring

Yes, that weird dice game they play for like 14 seconds in one of the bad Pirates of the Caribbean sequels.

I honestly don't know if the game was made up for that movie or if it already existed but either way it's fun as shit to play. Some of the best mind games will arise from a one-on-one round where each player has a single dice left.

I like specifically made an alt here because the TL is so much slower than on cybre but now my idiot brain is like "durr the TL too slow at .camp"

buddy that's the entire point

open to go blanky mode 

One window: Wikipedia article about Revisionist Westerns
Other window: Wookieepedia article about BB-series astromech droids

Like ya do :blobsunglasses:

@witchfynder_finder highly sexually attractive but inclined to state some equally sexually repellent political opinions

Writing checks with your ass that your mouth can't cash

@dewclaws @witchfynder_finder ok light green stands for our goblin kin, dark green is for swampy grime, and yellow is for treasure and shiny objects

Switching from "black band merch hoodie for work" to "black band merch hoodie for home" like some kind of heavy metal Mx Rodgers

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