If there's one thing that would get me to try and learn to draw again, it's the frustration I feel that nobody has ever exactly captured the images in my head that I call goblinpunk

Things get close, but never quite right

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Orks and goblins got a massive update in Total Warhammer 2 and the trailer for it looks like fuckin Fury Road

Fury Road Goblin (Rare) is my new aesthetic

what's up goblins I'm going to preface basically every toot I post on the account with that phrase until the bot starts using it

Took tomorrow off, goblins, can I get uhhhhh

Fuck Work goin in the bog

just read haemoglobin as haemogoblin and now thinking about red caps :blobcoffeeraccoon:

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A posting sanctuary for goblins of all kinds to cause mischief and scurry about.