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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. No harassment or block evading. Respect other users' privacy and ability to curate their own experience online.
  2. No hate speech, aggressive nationalism, or right wing sympathies of any kind. This includes racism, sexism, mysoginy, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, casteism, white supremacy, corporate or police bootlicking, fascism, or discrimination of any kind.
  3. Please try your best use content warnings on your sensitive posts. Some examples of CWs: politics(pol), NSFW/lewd/kink, food/diet/weight, physical & mental health(ph & mh), weapons/violence/death, eye contact(ec), all caps, emoji spam/screen reader inaccessible.
  4. Do not demand CWs from other users. Block and report if you have to, but do not try to police someone else's experience. If it's a genuine problem it will fall to the mods.
  5. No inappropriate (sexual or otherwise) behavior towards or from individuals under the age of 18. All lewdness must be between consenting adults.
  6. No "brand" content. We are people here, not companies. Showing and even selling your own work is okay, as long as you're not just advertising.
  7. Good spam is ok. Try to be nice to each other :)
  8. You are solely responsible for the consequences of anything you post, be it on here or in the real world. The final decision on if something violates the CoC will be at the discretion of the mods. This is a small instance so we prefer to talk things out, but we will use mod powers when necessary.
Federation Policy

Here on goblin.camp we do not federate with instances that don't share our values of inclusion, accessibility, and safety for every user. Below is our extensive and ever-growing block list of Nazis, pedophiles, racists, and generally unsavory characters.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
switter.at porn bots
afterlife.maso.host Gab adjacent
gab.ai Gab adjacent
gab.com Gab
pleroma.kiwifarms.net Harassment instance, Pleroma
snouts.online Poor moderation of a huge instance, some users defending harassment and casual racism

Limited servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
mastodon.social weak moderation, open registration, too many random shitheads
onster.farm Inappropriate admin behavior
toot.site Pals w nazis, oops!
switter.at porn bots

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
10minutepleroma.com BIG Pleroma
abdl.link Adult baby/kink shit
ahhhhhh.social friends w nazis
anime.website Loli/pedo shit
artalley.social Child porn
beehub.org Unmoderated
benis.freemyip.com racist
bikeshed.party pals w nazis
bitcoinhackers.org Spammers, techbros
blob.cat Chuds
bophadees.witches.live witches pleroma
brighteon.social Alex Jones' instance
brokenmirror.cc slur sayers
bsd.moe Pleroma
buckeye.social Gab adjacent
buildthatwallandmakeamericagreatagain.trumpislovetrumpis.life Fash
catgirl.life Anime loli/pedo instance
cawfee.club Pleroma
civiq.social Corporation
cliterati.club Terfs
coom.club Unmoderated, harassers
counter.fedi.live TERFs
counter.social Right wing edgelords
cute.science Pleroma
cybre.club chud city
cyzed.com Corporation
deepweb.eu Techbros
dev.civiq.social Corporation
develop.gab.com Gab adjacent
djitter.com Gab adjacent
dlf.social Pedophiles
duckfriend.com Ads, spam, corporation?
enigmatic.observer Pleroma
expired.mentality.rip chud city
fed.666.xxx conspiracy theory shit
fedi.absturztau.be Pleroma
fedi.app Pleroma data scrapers
fedi.cc cryptofash?
fedichive.tk Data scrapers
fedi.gealdor.space Social skeleton's new pleroma instance
feminism.lgbt Terfs in disguise
fosstodon.org Techbros
freeatlantis.com right wing sickos
freecumextremist.com Are you fucking kidding me
freefedifollowers.ga Spam
freespeechextremist.com Free speech chuds
freevoice.space Free speech chuds
freezepeach.xyz Free speech chuds
gabfed.com Gab adjacent
gab.protohype.net Gab adjacent
gameliberty.club Gamers, the bad kind
gasthe.lgbt Extreme homophobia
gleasonator.com Racist chud
glindr.org Free speech chuds
glowers.club No moderation, users spewing slurs
gnusocial.no Linux chuds
gorf.pub Tech company
hagra.net Gab adjacent
hitchhiker.social Gab adjacent
humblr.social Untagged porn
icyphox.sh Pleroma
ihatebeinga.live Chuds
imvegan.fyi shit head spammer instance
inditoot.com Unmoderated
is.badat.dev Pleroma
jaeger.website Fash
juche.town Pleroma
justicewarrior.social Free speech conspiracy theory shit
kag.social Gab adjacent
kazvam.com Some guy's personal instance
kiwifarms.cc Harassment instance
kiwifarms.is Harassment instance
kiwifarms.net Harassment instance
koyu.space racist
lain.sh fash, racist
landofkittens.social Loli shit
lets.bemoe.online Pleroma
lgbtfree.zone Homophobes
liberdom.com Libertarians
liberdon.com Libertarians
ligma.pro No moderation
loli.estate Anime Loli/pedo shit
ltch.fr Unmoderated
lubar.me Single user centrist instance
mastodon.cloud Unmoderated, spammers, fash
mastodon.starrevolution.org Admin is a known rapist and harasser
mastodon.top French data scrapers
masto.jews.international Palestinean genocide apologists
mast.wholemars.com Data scrapers
melalandia.tk Pleroma adjacent
midnightride.rs Transphobic admin
misskey.nl Single user instance?
moon.holiday Admin is mean and ableist to people who try to correct their horrible takes
mstdn.foxfam.club Dead bot instance?
mu.zaitcev.nu Gab adjacent
n0id.space chud city
nazi.social self explanatory
neenster.org Terfs
netzshaere.xyz Data scrapers
netzsphaere.xyz pals w nazis
newjack.city Harassers
ni.hil.ist ecofash
nnia.space Pedo shit
noagendasocial.com Free speech chuds
noc.social Data scrapers
nomoresha.me Pedo shit
norden.social Data scrapers
npf.mlpol.net 4chan bronies
ok.wowana.ma Terfs
pawoo.net Untagged kink shit/spam
peervideos.com Corporation
pieville.net Nazis
pleroma.comfy.moe Pleroma
pleroma.hatthieves.es Pleroma creep
pleroma.ilovela.in Pleroma
pleroma.jeder.pl Pleroma
pleroma.mouse.services Pleroma kiwifarms instance
pleroma.nobodyhasthe.biz Nazis
pleroma.site Pleroma
pleroma.soykaf.com Fash pleroma
pleroma.wolfie.pw Pleroma
pl.gamers.exposed friends w nazis
pl.panoply.cx friends w nazis
pl.smuglo.li Anime loli chuds
pl.spiderden.net friends w nazis
posting.lolicon.rocks pedos
prout.social Gab adjacent
qoto.org Privacy-violating fork, open federation
quey.org Techbros
raki.social Harassers
rakket.app nazis
redxen.eu Homophobic
sealion.club Fash
search.fedi.app Pleroma data scrapers
shitpisscum.mooo.com wtf
shitposter.club Chuds
shpposter.club friends w nazis
sinblr.com Untagged porn
skippers-bin.com 4chan chud
smuglo.li Anime/ loli shit
social.danksquad.org friends w nazis
social.hatthiev.es White supremacists
social.hatthieves.es White supremacists
social.libertalia.world Libertarians
social.quodverum.com Racists
social.xeltica.work Corporation
socnet.supes.com Shady techbro
solagg.com Crypto dudes
spacekittens.ru chud city
spectres.space "post-left" (racist)
spinster.xyz Terfs
springbo.cc Single user chud instance
s.sneak.berlin Fash
starrevolution.org Admin is a known rapist snd manipulator
supes.com Shady techbro
the.cutest.monster Lumb?
the.hedgehoghunter.club Harassers
the.hedgehoghunters.club Harassers
thicc.horse un-CW'd porn
tilde.zone Chuds
tmediatech.io Trump
toot.y-y.li Single user
traboone.com racist
trash.social Harassers
truthsocial.com Trump
verita84.com Horrible single user pleroma instance
video.halle-leaks.de Spam
vulpine.club elizafox crying about reverse racism
wagesofsinisdeath.com Religious weirdos
waifuappreciation.club Anime loli shit
we.1being.org friends w nazis
weeaboo.space Anime loli/pedo shit
weedis.life Chuds
weirder.earth Crying anti-blackness with no receipts? Idk man I'm just sighing at this one
wetfish.space Pleroma
wintermute.fr.to Fash
witches.live Admin refuses to properly moderate racism
yang.social Fuck off Andrew Yang
yggdrasil.social Nazis
yorishiro.space Pleroma
zecircle.xyz follow bot
zetamu.club Pedos
afterlife.maso.host Gab adjacent
gab.ai Gab adjacent
gab.com Gab
pleroma.kiwifarms.net Harassment instance, Pleroma
snouts.online Poor moderation of a huge instance, some users defending harassment and casual racism